Software Training

Get a Jump Start for Free

To make it easier for you to engage in M&SBSE with our modeling and simulation tool MLDesigner and to give you a jump start on the powerful features of our tool landscape, we offer training and mentoring seminars. This training will significantly reduce the learning time and accelerate your product development.

For people without previous experience with MLDesigner we offer free 1-day introductory training to enable a quick start in modeling with MLDesigner. After the training, you can evaluate the capabilities of our tool free of charge for 4 weeks. Our experience shows, that introductory training, coupled with development of an example model in the area of your intended use, is an effective method to help you getting started. Additionally, we offer support through our tool experts during the evaluation phase and beyond, to apply and extend the learned development methodologies to your projects.

Included in the introductory training are:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Modeling Concepts
    • Model Types
    • Model Structures
    • Memories
    • Events
    • Resources
    • Data Structures
    • Debugging
    • Interfaces
  • Application Examples
  • Modeling Projects

If you are interested in participating in a free training workshop contact us at info[@) and we will inform you about the next available date.

Customized Training

For experienced MLDesigner users we offer training on new MLDesigner features, training to increase development efficiency and training specifically tuned to your design needs. This training usually takes place at the customers’ location.

Please contact us at info[@) to get a personalized offer for your training requirements.