M&SBSE Consulting

Consulting for Model- and Simulation-Based Systems Engineering

Changing from a document-centric to a model- and simulation-centric development approach is not an easy task. Our experience shows, that choosing to use model- and simulation-based systems engineering (M&SBSE) and/or a specific tool without training or mentoring is challenging. This is because of a wide variety of reasons.

For instance, changes in your development process may be helpful in order to introduce M&SBSE. In some cases, an agile approach may support your intended goal, while in other cases, it is best to use a phase oriented approach. It is also not wise to duplicate your document-centric processes with M&SBSE tools. This will not only duplicate your work, it will also discourage your developers and complicate your workflows. What is the best level of abstraction for your project and what is the best moment to start modeling and simulation? How can you avoid to model too much or too little? A set of incompatible tools may slow down your efforts or you may start discussions about tools rather than to engage in dialogue about design methods.

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive M&SBSE Knowledge

Here at Mission Level Design, we have many years of experience with M&SBSE methods and tools. We offer consulting services for the analysis, development and optimization of complex systems and processes for beginners as well as experienced developers in the field of M&SBSE alike. Besides custom modeling and custom software feature development we provide software training and a wide variety of engineering services to suit your specific development or analysis tasks. 

You have never used M&SBSE before but like to find out more about the benefits for your project? Do not hesitate to contact our consulting team in order to discuss your specific needs. Let us help you to explore the possible solutions M&SBSE may offer for your design task and learn more about our specific services and software. We can help you to use M&SBSE together with your domain-specific knowledge in order to find feasible and optimal solutions.

Our experienced consultants have a profound knowledge in M&SBSE and various fields of science and offer a broad spectrum of domain-specific knowledge for a wide variety of industries. We provide consulting services for different development tasks, including:

  • Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems or Processes
  • Phase-oriented, Iterative and Agile Development Approaches
  • Modeling Languages
  • Simulation Techniques
  • Software and System Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • System and Process Analysis and Evaluation
  • System Optimization
  • Process Development and Optimization
  • Custom Model and Simulation Development
  • Integration of Simulation Models and Customer Hardware or Software

Please refer to our overview of markets and industries to get an overview of possible application fields of M&SBSE and our areas of domain-specific knowledge. In addition to consulting services for industrial projects we do also provide consulting for research projects.  

If you are interested in our M&SBSE consulting solutions our you like to get in touch with us to inquire about possible projects, please send an email to: support[(_at_))mldesigner(_dot_)de