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Modeling and Simulation from Central Thuringia

Model- and simulation-based system development at overall system level makes a decisive contribution to the quality improvement of complex products, processes and services. This article elaborates methodology, software systems and their application in the aerospace industry from the perspective of companies from Central Thuringia, Germany.

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(German language article, original title: Modellierung und Simulation aus Mittelthüringen, FVT Fachverlag Thüringen, Magazine: Wirtschaftsspiegel - Das Wirtschaftsmagazin für Thüringen, Issue 6, December 2016) 

Model-based Development - Efficient Development Solution for Complex Systems?

In this 2016 article, we explore the task of developing the right product in the context of model- and simulation-based engineering (M&SBSE) of complex systems. We elaborate design requirements and evaluate the use of M&SBSE for aerospace systems.

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(German language article, original title: Modellbasierte Entwicklung – Die Lösung zur effizienteren Entwicklung komplexer Systeme? Public Verlag, Magazine: Ingenieurspiegel, Issue 1, March 2016)